Kilarney Provincial Park

South Shore of Baie Fine Rock Balancing


Fall Colours


Morning Mist

Kilarney Provincial Park from Neighboring Hills



Casson Peak Sum

Casson painted a watercolour, looking west, with the mouth of Baie Fine in the near distance. Frazer Bay, on the route of the Voyageurs, and the LaCloche Islands in the mid distance, and Manitoulin Island on the skyline.


Marianne Bay

Aerial view looking south east, of Casson Peak on Frazer Bay Hill, with the popular yacht anchorage Marianne Bay at its base. Frazer Bay is just visible in the background over the ridge of Frazer Bay Hill.


Entrance to Baie Fine

Aerial view of the Entrance to Baie Fine looking south east, from Quartz Rock on McGregor point on the north shore. Casson Peak is located on Frazer Bay Hill in the large hill in the center of the frame.

Baie Fine Entrance - Casson Peak, Table Rock

Baie Fine Entrance: View from Table Rock, Casson Peak

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and A.J. Casson’s painting entitled “The Entrance to Baie Fine” has come to speak volumes about Falconbridge’s commitment to environmental protection. In this 1947 watercolour, the Group of Seven artist depicted the sunny, hummocky entrance to Baie Fine, in the North Channel of Georgian Bay, just east of Manitoulin Island and near Killarney Provincial Park. In the foreground is a silica-rich mountain, known today as Casson Peak, which, until recently, faced the prospect of being mined out by Falconbridge for glass manufacturing. But it was not to be.